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Freelusion is the World’s 1st 3D Videomapping Dance Group, combining 3D graphics and projection technology with spectacular dance choreography. Due to the professional mapping content this dance performance is the most amazing visual on-stage experience ever. For the last 6 years the group have been travelling around the World and delivered incredible shows from Los Angeles to Tokio and also participated on world-class Talent and TV Shows like America’s and Britain’s Got Talent and many of the best known TV productions. With 20 different exists shows and local offices in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa Freelusion is the most world-wide professional 3D Dance Group of the World.


Freelusion USA

90210 – Willshire Blwd 7170
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
T: 310.526.8210


H-1033 Budapest Reményi
Ede utca 3.
T: +36 20 36 777 83

Freelusion Hong Kong

17 sheung hei street, unit e, 10/f,
san po kong, hong kong
T: +852 953 56957

Freelusion Alger

Lot Nr. 01. Saint Charles, Kouba, Alger
T: +213 673 786 302

Freelusion Dubai

Opening in february 2015


Freelusion Showreel

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These videos are available for Registered Partners only.

If you are interested to be our Partner or need an offer or just curious about our videos, do not hesitate to contact us on info@videomapping.hu for more details and your personal access.


Our Awards

Semi Final
Semi Final
Silverblade 2010
BassAwards 2013
3rd prize
In progress..